Theatre Game of the Week #24

This game is a fun warm up game. It works especially well with groups who have high energy.

Game Name: Prisoner

Students Needed: 15+

Supplies Needed: None

Time Needed: 10+

Step 1) Make a circle of chairs so that half the kids are standing behind a chair. The chairs are prison cells, the kids sitting in them the prisoners and the kids standing are the guards. There should be 2 chairs for each guard. The prisoners sit back on their chairs. The guards stand one arm's length away from the back of each chair. They are not allowed to move from this position.

Step 2) The guards who are standing behind an empty chair should try to attract a prisoner. They do this by making eye-contact with any one of the prisoners and winking at them. As soon as a prisoner sees a guard wink she tries to run to the empty seat in front of that guard.

Step 3) The guard behind her should try to stop her by tapping her lightly on the back or shoulders. If he manages to do this then she sits back down where she was and the guard with the empty chair tries to attract someone else. No hitting is a very important rule to observe. Tap, don't hit.

Step 4)The game is timed. At the end of 5 minutes we stop. Who ever doesn't have two prisoners in front of them loses. Then we switch roles and let the prisoners be the guards.

In the end: the kids have had some fun and played within roles of a person who is in charge and a person who listens.

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