Theatre Game of the Week #25

I'm about to reveal a big secret in my trick bag. It's a game that many teachers only pull out in case of an emergency. I've only used it three times. All three times were with a class of students who all suffered from attention deficit disorder. It's also a great game for kindis. It's a secret game known as Sleeping Lions. Shh... Don't talk about it too loudly. This is like revealing the killer in The Mousetrap.

Game Name: Sleeping Lions

Kids Needed: Works best with a large group

Materials Needed: none

Time Needed: As much as necessary

Step 1) Ask all the lions to lie on the floor. The idea of the game is to remain totally still and be the last one left.

Step 2) Once you see someone move, they can stand and help you to spot other “twitchers”

It’s amazing how many kids will actually play this game, especially when a prize is for the taking!


In the end: Students have been quiet and worked toward a goal. For some kids, this is a big achievement. Now... Don't tell anyone I taught you this game!

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