Theatre Game of the Week #26

This game is called Frozen Circle. Some people call it Space Jump. It's a great physical game for groups that respond well to active games. It's also a great game when learning about active verbs in the ESL classroom. You can work on easy ones like "cooking" or "dancing" to more complicated ones like "mowing a lawn" or "reviving a dying patient".

Game Name: Frozen Circle

Students Needed: 5+

Materials Needed: An open space.

Time Needed: 10

Step 1) Students stand in a circle. A student enters the circle and begins a solo improv about an action. Get the group to help come up with a scenario.
Step 2) SHOUT freeze!
Step 3) Student 2 from the group gets into the circle and starts a new improvisation, inspired by the other persons frozen pose. You can have volunteer from the group go, or simply go in the order of the circle. (Let each improv run for around 30 seconds or so.)
Step 4) The next student then goes into the circle and tags out the one who has been in the longest. They then take up the exact position of the frozen student and start a new scene, inspired by the frozen image. Keep going until every student has had a go.

Tip: You may want to practice the concept of freezing before the game, if this is difficult for your kids.

In the end: Students have worked on active verbs and actions. They have also worked on their improv skills.

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