Theatre Game of the Week #27

This game is not for beginners. I play it with more advanced students who have a firm grasp on improv and the English language. Even an experienced actor can screw this game up! But that's why it's super fun to play, it's a challenge.

Game Name: It's easy as A,B,C!

Students Needed: 5+

Materials Needed: Open space

Time Needed: 10+

Step 1) Split the students into small groups. Either pairs or groups of three. Then have one group go to the front of the class. Pick an activity for them to act out, like "playing cards" or "cleaning the house". Something active is best! Then the challenge begins.

Step 2) The students can only speak in sentences that begin in ascending letters of the alphabet. For example:

Student 1: Aaron, stop!

Student 2: But I don't want to!

Student 3: Can't you listen to Mom?

Step 3) If the student takes too long or starts the sentence with the wrong letter, the whole group will be punished. The class must think of the punishment. (Star jumps or push ups are typical punishments they come up with.) The scene will then continue on from the place where they left off.

Step 4) The scene is over when the alphabet ends.

In the End: Students have worked on their improv skills, acting skills and remembered their alphabet!

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