Theatre Game of the Week #29

On your mark, get set, GO!

Game Name: Marathon

Students Needed: 5+

Materials Needed: open space

Time Needed: 5+

Step 1) Have everyone stand in a circle facing and tell the group that they are about to run a race. They are just behind the starting line and they need to stretch their legs to warm up for the race!

Step 2) "On your mark! Get set! GO!"  Everyone is running on the spot as fast as they can, they're being cheered on by their fans on the sidelines, they pass one of the other runners, they turn a corner, they jump over a hurdle, they swim across a lake, they ride a bicycle, etc. Have them react to the tasks and then have them cross the finish line. Who is the winner?

Step 3) Walk it off, take some deep breaths and raise both your arms up in the air in victory! Have them wail in defeat if they come in last. This is a great warm-up activity to get everyone moving.

In the end: This is like Bear Hunt on speed. You're wanting to warm them up physically and work on their listening skills. A great game for sports vocabulary.

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