Theatre Game of the Week #31

This is a game that works best with large groups that have a lot of energy. It also works best when played really fast!

Game Name: The Martha Game

Items Needed: open space

Students Needed: 10+

Time Needed: 5+


Step 1) Students stands outside the designated performance space. One kid runs into the space, forms her body into a statue and announces what she is, as in "I'm a tree."

Step 2) The next person runs on and joins in the picture.  "I'm a bench under the tree."

"I'm a dog peeing on the tree."

"I'm a newspaper on the ground."

"I'm the janitor cleaning!"

It keeps going until the whole group is part of the picture.

Start again.

Coach this to go very, very fast. Try to beat the previous time.


You can also split them into two teams and have them compete against each other for better pictures/faster times.

In the end: Students have worked on teamwork skills and miming skills.

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