Theatre Game of the Week #32

This game is called the Rain Game. It's one of the more abstracted theatre games. The kids create a rain storm as a group. It's perfect for this time of year, when we're having tons of rainy days in HK.

Game Name: Rain Game

Materials Needed: Empty Space

Students Needed: 5+

Time Needed: 5+

Step 1) Have your students sit together in a circle. The teacher begins to rub the palms of his hands together, making a swishing sound. Once all the students are joining in with this action, the teacher then begins snapping his fingers, in the rhythm of rain falling, with the students joining in.

Step 2) Next, the teacher begins slapping his hands on his lap, imitating the sound of louder rain. The "rainstorm" reaches its peak as the teacher then begins stomping his feet, while the students follow.

Step 3) The teacher winds the storm down again, with the students following his actions: clapping, snapping, palms rubbing, until the storm is over and everything is quiet.


In the end) The students have worked on focusing on one collective moment. You can make varying levels of rain: amber, red and black to study the kind of rain storms.

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