Theatre Game of the Week #33

Word Tennis is a great game when building vocabulary with students. It's great with ESL kids who are working on wanting to build up the number of words they know in a specific category. Primary age kids and Secondary kids can both enjoy this game.

Game Name: Word Tennis

Materials Needed: Paper strips, chairs

Students Needed: 10+

Time Needed: 10+

Step 1) In prep for the game write out categories for the vocabulary. Food, colors, sports, animals, things that are blue, countries, body parts, things you like, etc. You can end up with lots of cateogories if you're creative.

Step 2) Split the kids into 2 teams. Then the kids will compete one by one in heats. Just like tennis they will bounce words back and forth in the category. If the category is colors for example: red, blue, pink, yellow, orange, etc. When the kid can't think of one, they're out! They push their chair back and the person who wins pushes their chair forward.

Step 3) In the end you'll have 2 kids left in the final heat. The winner of that is the overall, winner of the game!

In the end: Students have learned and worked on expanding their vocabulary and worked as a team. You can add a spelling element to the game if the students are very advanced. The game works best if they bounce the words back and forth quickly.

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