Theatre Game of the Week #35

This game is a physical acting game where you act out occupations. It's great when they're learning about jobs. It works best with large groups when you have a lot of space to run around in. It's a great game for orientation weeks or on field trip days when you get to play around outside.

Game Name: Lemonade

Materials Needed: A lot of space

Students Needed: 20+

Time Needed:10+

There are two teams. Mark a center line dividing the two teams and end zones, or the “home base” for each team.

Each side gets in a "huddle" to decide what job they will act out.

Step 1) The first team yells, "What's your trade?"
             The second team answers, "Lemonade!"

Step 2)The first team yells, "Show us some if you're not afraid!!" The other team starts acting out it's job. (EG: painters, mechanics, janitors, teachers, etc...)

Step 3) When the other team guesses correctly, the "acting" team has to run back to its "home base" without any member being tagged by the other team.

If members of the acting team are caught before they reach their base, they join the other team for another round of acting (similar to Red Rover).

The game is over when one side has captured all the other team's players or when time is up.

Tips: You'll want to practice the chant a couple times before starting the game officially. You'll also want to practice and go over some jobs before the game so the students don't say the ever annoying "I don't know". You could make a list on the board to help them.

In the end: Students have worked on physical acting and have recalled jobs.

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