Theatre Game of the Week #36

Teamwork is an essential drama element. This game is called The People Machine. I use it for the teamwork section of a curriculum and also as an acting excercise when I direct shows that have any industrial elements in them.

Game Name: The People Machine

Materials Needed: Open Space

Kids Needed: 10+

Time Needed: 10+

Step 1) Advise teams to make themselves into a machine, with as many parts (gears, levers, etc.) as they can devise. The machine should have motion and sound, and all team members must participate. An ideal machine has 5-10 people in it.

Step 2) Give the teams five minutes to prepare their machines. Once the time is up, the teams take turns guessing. Noises can be made but no words can be formed.

In the end) Students have worked as a team and have made machines. If learning about different kinds of machinery or gears as a vocabulary lesson you can repeat.

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