Theatre Game of the Week #40

I like to play this game with kids that are a bit older. Maybe in P5 or as a summer camp game when they're starting Secondary School. It's a good way for you to asess their English level while still having fun. It's kinda like the board game Taboo. It does take a little bit of pre-class prep though. You'll need to make index cards with random English words on them.

Step 1) Split the kids into smaller teams, 3-6 on each team.

Step 2) A kid is given a card and 20 seconds to look at it. They should then try to describe what is on the card but they are not allowed to use the words which are written on the card. No actions are allowed. Just describing.

Step 3) First team to know what the card says and "raise their hands" is the winner of the point. First team to 10 points is the winner.

Sample Words

In the end: You should be able to tell what the kids' English levels are and their ability to understand words in writing and then speak about them. This is an excellent first week activity for teachers.

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