Theatre Game of the Week #41

We're bring back Theatre Game of the Week with one of my personal faves, Ghost. This is a great game for calming down groups with a lot of noisy energy.

Game Name: Ghost

Material Needed: Open Space

Kids Needed: 10+

Time Needed: 10+ mins

Step 1) 1 or 2 students are chosen to be the ghosts. The rest of the group needs to scatter across the playing space and choose a spot to stand in. All players need to close their eyes, except the ghosts.

Step 2) The ghosts will roam about the playing space. They will try to eliminate the others by standing close behind the players for 10 seconds without them knowing. If this happens, the ghost will tap them on their head and they will sit down quietly.

Step 3) If a person suspects the ghost is behind them, they ask "Is there a ghost behind me?" If they are right then they become a ghost. If they are wrong they are out and should sit down and continue to be quiet as to not spoil the game for others.


In the end: Kids have calmed down and worked on being quiet for ten minutes. A small victory for some but a champion level win for a teacher. They also practice counting to ten which makes this game great for young students.

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