Theatre Game of the Week #42

Emotion is the basis for all acting. This game is called Emotion Party and is a great way for kids to tap into their emotions in a fun way. Go over emotions before the game to make sure students understand there are other feelings than sad and happy.

Game Name: Emotion Party

Materials Needed: Open Space

Time Needed: 15+ mins

Students Needed: 5+

Step 1) Each student thinks of an emotion. One kid (the host) begins in the center of the room, setting up for a party. The host acts the first emotion.

Step 2) The next student knocks on the door and is let in the party. The new player must act his/her emotion. The first person now begins to act in the manner of the second player’s emotion (having guessed what that emotion is). A third person knocks and enters with a different emotion.

Step 3) Now players one and two must independently identify the new player’s emotion and begin to copy the emotion. The game continues until all of the players have entered the party. Players then begin to leave the party, one by one, in the order in which they came and with the emotion he/she demonstrated.

Step 4) The game ends when the first student, the host, is left alone again, and is back acting in the manner of his/her first emotion.

In the End:

Encourage all the students to play believable activities with other members of the party during the game. No killing or aliens.

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