Theatre Game of the Week #44

When I learned this game I was a student. It was called Patriotic Colors. Since teaching drama in HK I've expanded to all the colors of the rainbow and ditched the Americana name but I find the principle of the game to be very good for teaching primary students about object/color association. It's a great vocab game for younglings.

Game Name: Colors
Materials Needed: Chalkboard
Students Needed: 10+
Time Needed: 5+ mins

Step 1) The teacher sits in the middle of the circle, points to a kid and calls "red". The student then has to name an object that is red (tomato, fire engine etc...) before the teacher can count to 10 out loud.

Step 2) The same object cannot be repeated. If a student fails to think of an object before the teacher has counted to ten, the two switch places.

Step 3) Use the colors of red, white and blue first and then move onto different colors.

Sidenote: For older students have them name 5 words that are red before the 10 seconds are up. Once the words are used than it gets harder and harder. You can use a chalkboard to keep track of all the words used up.

In the end: Students have worked on color, listening skills and vocabulary.


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