Theatre Game of the Week #45

Frozen poses are a great tool to add to your acting bag. They're a great base for a lot of acting workshops. You can start this game with just getting kids used to the concept of freeze and go.

Game Name: Freeze and Go

Materials Needed: Open Space

Kids Needed: 6+

Time Needed: 10+ mins


Step 1) Get the students into pairs.

Step 2) Student A must create a pose.

Step 3) Student B must then, without thinking about it too much, create a pose to complement Student A’s pose. For example Student A may have posed doing a karate chop, and Student B may then freeze in a scared/defensive pose.

Step 4) Student A then unfreezes and creates a new pose that complements Student B’s pose.

Step 5) This then continues in the same way until you feel their choices are becoming limited. Then have them switch partners clockwise. I have noticed that it works very well with kids 10 and older.

In the end) Kids have worked on posing and have worked on cause and effect.

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