Theatre Game of the Week #46

Penmanship is important. Some kids I've taught in HK have handwriting that resembles a serial killer. This is a fun game I use to work on penmanship and improve the actual look of their writing while having fun. I normally do a whole class focused on writing where we do fun madlibs, short story writing and this is my warm up game for the day! It's also a great game for small classes.

Game Name: Writing Race

Materials Needed: Desk, Chair, Pen, Paper for each student

Students Needed: 2+

Time Needed: 10+


Step 1) Have the kids sitting at a table with a paper and a pen/pencil. No erasing allowed!

Step 2) The challenge is while they are sitting have them move their leg (from the knee down) move in a clockwise circular motion.

Step 3) Now they are not allowed to stop their foot moving at all, but have them write a certain word. It's kinda like a spelling contest or a dictation race that involves them keeping a leg moving while they write.

Example Words






After having them do singular words you can move onto full sentences.


In the End: Kids have worked on writing skills, spelling, coordination and concentration skills.



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