Theatre Game of the Week #47

This is a game that involves music, light and a ladder. Sometimes it's difficult to find a classroom in HK with all three. You can always use a chair to replace the ladder in a pinch. I find this game a good warm up for days when you're teaching dance. It gets the kids moving and less body conscious.

Game Name: Spot Light

Materials Needed: Open Space, Flashlight, Music, Ladder or a Chair

Kids Needed: 5+

Time Needed: 10+

Step 1) The teacher stands on a stepladder high enough to be slightly above the students. Before the game starts, the teacher is blindfolded or closes their eyes to make the game fair and is given a flashlight. A second volunteer is in charge of the music. (If your kids are a bit wild make sure you have the safety talk with them before hand. You don't want to be pushed off the chair during the game.)

Step 2) When the music starts, the kids dance around in a circle and interpret the music. The lights are dimmed so they shouldn't feel so conscious of themselves. As soon as the music stops, the teacher on the chair switches on the flashlight and holds it steady. Whichever kid is closest to the beam of light or in the beam of light is out. The game continues until only one child is left

Step 3) If the kids behave well, the winner of the game gets to be in charge of the light.


In the end) They have worked on a music/body connection and warmed up their bodies.


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