Theatre Game of the Week #48

Kids today are video game obsessed. This is a great game that combines the traditional parts of the story with video games. Basically, you have the kids make their own video games from beginning to end. Plot to Character. It's an all day game so set the whole classroom time aside.

Game Name: RPG

Materials Needed: Blank paper, markers or crayons, chairs, tables, blank space

Kids Needed: 20+

Time Needed: 1.5hr (You can split this into two lessons if you wish.)


Step 1) Split the kids into even teams. In earlier lesson you should have gone over Aristotle's 6 principals of drama. Plot, Character, Theme, Spectacle, etc. You're now going to put these elements into a new way of storytelling: the video game. In their teams they must create a video game with an obstacle, a climax and a denouement. They must have characters like the hero and the villain. It's their job to design the thing from top to bottom.

Step 2) First things first, have the kids write a time line of the game. All the plot points. They also should make character sheets with drawings of the characters. What are the characters' strengths? What are the characters' weaknesses?

Step 3) Next they draw a map of the world of the game and the path their characters must make through the game. On the map they should mark where the important parts of the game happen.

Step 4) Students will now have to get up and create a ten minute recreation of their game to present to the class. Boys will really love this because they'll get to kill each other.

Step 5) Students present their games.

Step 6) After presentation talk back. Which games did we like best? Which did we think needed the most work? Who had the best character? Who was the most creative? Make constructive feedback an important part of each lesson. Sharing opinions can be a challenge for some children.


In the End: Students have worked on Aristotle's 6 Principals of Drama,  have worked on story telling, performance skills and constructive criticism.

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  • brad jacobs
    05 November 2013

    Can you film kids playing this? I would love to see what they do!

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