Theatre Game of the Week #49

This is a game I use to teach kids about jobs. It's great for primary school kids and secondary school kids. You just amp up the level of difficulty with the words involved. First at the beginning of class have the kids list out jobs on the board like: teacher, nurse, doctor, fireman, etc. You can also feel free to put a few silly ones like diamond thief, elephant cleaner, Santa, Superman.

Game Name: JOBS

Materials Needed: Empty space and chairs in a circle.

Kids Needed: 10+

Time Needed: 20+

Step 1) You go over the rules of the game first. You're going to ask a person who steps out of the room a series of questions. Each kid in the class is going to ask one. When they ask their question they can sit down. It's like backwards twenty questions. Based on the questions that the group asks, the kid in the center of the circle has to guess what job they have.

For example doctor:

1) Do you like helping people?

2) Are you smart?

3) Are you afraid of blood?

4) Do you like working long hours?

Step 2) Tell the kids to ask questions that are on point but not too obvious. You would not ask a doctor if he likes eating but you don't want to make it too easy for the kid by asking if he likes working at the hospital.

Step 3) Have the first kid go out of the room. This is your tester kid. Have everyone stand up. Pick the job. Go over a few sample questions. Everyone stands and you let the kid back in the room. Kids raise their hands to ask a question. Everyone must ask a question.

Step 4) At the end of the round the kid guesses. If he guesses correct everyone wins! The kid in the middle can also pick the next child to go out of the room. Go over the round with questions that were not good choices because they were too obvious or not on topic.

Round Two: Try again and try to fix your mistakes in the previous round.

Round Three: Try again but try something not on the board.

Round Four: (Always their favorite) Send the teacher out of the room and get them to try and stump the teacher. They love to try and do this.

In the end) Kids have gone over a lot of job possibilities. This is a great lead in game for essay writing on what they want to be when they grow up and for drama scenes related to jobs.

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