Theatre Game of the Week #51

This game is an excellent ice breaker and well loved game for classes with a touch of silly in them. It also can be very challenging if you add in steps 5 and 6.

Game Name: Conveyer Belt

Materials Needed: Open Space

Students Needed: 7+

Time Needed: 5+

Step 1) Break your students into two teams A and B. Have the two teams in two equal lines facing each other – just a few feet apart.  Every student should be facing another student.

Step 2) As the teacher you are the master of conveyer belt. You will stand at the end of the lines and call out “A, B, Shift” over and over again. When you say A, everyone in line A strikes a pose. When you say B every one in line B makes a copy of the pose the person across from them did.

Step 3) When you say “shift” group A shifts one person over in one direction, line B in the other direction. The people at the ends switch over from line A to B or B to A. You now have the exact same set up as at the beginning – except all the students are now facing someone new.

Step 4) Repeat until you get the same set up as the beginning.

Step 5) To make things fun start off with a slow rotation and then speed up so the kids are struggling to keep up.

Step 6) For a final round add sound to the poses. This will make the game a lot more challenging.

Tip: You might want to go over the word "Shift" beforehand. Some modern kids only know it as a button on a computer.

In the end: Kids have worked as a team and had some fun. They have also worked on physical poses and audible reactions on command.

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