Theatre Game of the Week #53

Timelines and the aspect of time are an excellent thing to review and teach students at the beginning of the year.

Game Name: Timeline

Materials Needed: Paper, Chalkboard, Pens or Pencils

Time Needed: 30+

Students Needed: 3+

1) First go over the concept of time with your students. Go over the name of the months and important holidays that happen during the year. Also go over the concept of milestones. Have them list important milestones that have happened to them over the past year on a sheet of paper or collectively as a class on the board if paper is limited.

2) Each student will draw a line on a sheet of paper, then they will put their milestones on it in chronological order and tell you about their year in a timeline. This is an excellent place to explain beginning, middle and end. You can talk about the beginning of the year and the end of the year. This makes the game great for story telling classes.

3) As a class they will share their timelines in a circle.

4) They will now have ten minutes to come up with a way to physically express their year's journey through movement. No words or sounds. They will then perform it for the class.

5) Post activity talkback. Was everything clear? Could you understand their intentions?

In the end) Students have worked on physical movement, public speaking and the concept of time and timelines. They also have worked on the concepts of beginning, middle and end which are great starting points to story telling.

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