Theatre Game of the Week #54

You can use really advanced techniques with your students. You don't need to dumb it down. Kids are smart. In the years I was a drama teacher in Hong Kong I taught Artistotle's 6 Principles of Drama, Stanislavski, Suzuki and Bogart's Viewpoints to children as young as 6. One favorite acting technique for kids is Meisner. They like the movement aspect of his work and his focus on repetition.

Name Game: Meisner Mumbles

Materials Needed: Scrap paper, pencils or pens

Kids Needed: 2+

Time Needed: 10+

Step 1) The class writes down two short, simple questions or statements on two scraps of paper.
Step 2) Two kids are brought in front.
Step 3) They pick a slip out of the hat and the students simply repeat the statement back to one another using different vocals and physical movements to make the same statement seem different.


A:You look nice.
B: I look nice?
A:You look nice!
B:I look nice...


In the end) Kids have worked on simple sentences and on Meisner technique. Great game for primary school actors. Secondary school kids also find it useful when they're stuck in a scene.

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