Theatre Game of the Week #9

This game is great for increasing a group's teamwork. It's also a great way to use piles of newspapers that are destined for the recycling bin.

Game Name: House Buiding

Items Required: Newspapers, 1 roll of masking tape per group, desks or chairs for structure.

Kids Required: 20+

Time Required: 30 minutes+

Step 1- Break the students into teams of 5. They have 10 minutes to build a house of newspapers. They can use either desks or chairs for structure. The house must be big enough for their entire team to fit inside the house, it must have a roof, and there can be no holes in the wall. They are only given one roll of masking tape and the same amount of newspapers.

Step 2- Check in on the groups while they are building. Some groups will be super lazy and let one kid do all the work. Motivate them to work together and point out any errors they are making (like missing holes in the wall or forgetting to put the roof on).

Step 3- Everyone in the houses for judging. Have the local teachers or a guest come in to judge the houses.

If time is up, the winner gets the privilege of knocking everyone's houses down.

Step 4- If time allows use these 4-5 structures as scene design for a play. I use Three Little Pigs a lot because it involves knocking the houses down. The kids love destroying the others' hard work! Make a small devised play with the rest of the class using the newly created scenic design as inspiration. Save 10-15 minutes for clean up/paper ball fights.


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