Theatre Game of the Week #7

Sometimes when you're a teacher you just need the kids to be quiet for 10 minutes. The act of focusing can be challenging for some groups. Whether it be students with ADHD, obsessive texting students or kids that just chatter on like monkeys at the zoo. As a teacher you need to have a couple games in your back pocket that can be used to refocus a group's energy.

Game Name: 1 to 20

Materials Needed: None

Students Needed: 5-20

Time Needed: 10 minutes+

For 1 to 20 get your rambunctious tigers into a circle. Chairs are a good thing because they can sit down, breathe and be able to see everyone in the group at once. You as the teacher are always number one. As a group you are going to count to twenty together but each person can only say one number, you can not go in direct order, no pointing is allowed, and two people cannot speak the same number. If any of the rules are broken you start over from one. Teacher is the deciding factor on when rules are broken and this is why Teacher is number one always.

This game can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on the students. Don't let them quit! 

In the end: Students should be more focused to work and you have reinforced counting in English.


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