Uni-vision is a monthly article written by our two college aged interns. They recommend shows to their fellow cash strapped students based on the most important thing to them: the student discount.

By: Karen Cheung and Gladys Li


Coming to the Fringe this month is ELDORADO(HK)!, a play-reading series by the Not So Loud Theatre Company. The company is currently celebrating its third decade in Hong Kong and is publishing an anthology of plays with a unique local flavor. It’s not only a chance to test your waters in the world of drama, but also a great way to look back into history and witness the changes in Hong Kong throughout the years.

It is a part of the Fringe Club Play Reading series and it is free of charge! You might even get to meet some other people who are also passionate about literature and drama. It’s from December 10th to 14th at 6:15  and 9:45pm.



The Woman in Black

It’s time for some classics! The Woman in Black, the longest running non-musical play in the history of West End, wouldn’t be a bad way to kick start the gloomy December. Billed as "THE MOST TERRIFYING LIVE THEATRE EXPERIENCE IN THE WORLD" and unanimously acclaimed, The Woman in Black combines the power and intensity of live theatre with a cinematic quality inspired by the world of film noir. It gives audiences an evening of unremitting drama as they are transported into a terrifying and ghostly world.

It’s definitely an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Student discounts are offered, and now a 10% discount is applicable when you book two or more shows for ABA Productions’ autumn season. It is from December 3rd to 8th. Showtimes are at 8pm and 3pm in the HKAPA, Lyric Theatre in Wanchai.


The Nutcracker

Everything in Hong Kong is commercialized, and nothing more so than Christmas. Towering pine trees can be seen and carols can be heard blaring through the speakers in shopping malls. It’s a reminder that our favourite season is coming up soon. So, what better way to celebrate the festivities with this all-time favourite, The Nutcracker? We firmly believe that “Christmas isn’t Christmas without The Nutcracker”.

The Hong Kong Ballet is in its 17th year of bringing you this classic tale of Clara and Fritz’s encounter with The Nutcracker and their battle of the evil Rat King. The story is old, but having been re-imagined for the 21st century by celebrated Australian choreographer Terence Kohler, the production promises to bring new surprises. Take some time off the bustling streets and spend an evening relaxing to a background of Tchaikvosky, while the dancers erupt into magic with graceful whirls and twirls on stage. Shows are on the 20th to 29th of December at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Great news for students: tickets are 50% off, so you’ll still have plenty of money left for Christmas shopping!


Freespace Fest

It seems that the West Kowloon Cultural District is certainly putting the promenade to good use, with major events featuring international artists such as Clockenflap and Blohk Party coming up in December. But the real gem of the month is Freespace Fest, a two-day outdoor arts festival taking place 14th to the 15th of December. Despite it being branded as an ‘arts’ festival, Freespace Fest is not just for the angsty teenager who seeks solace in music or the struggling artist trying to find inspiration for the next project.

No, Freespace Fest, which has a strong local flavor, is all about the use of public space, the community spirit, and the collaborative nature of art. Best of all? IT’S FREE.

This year’s Freespace Fest boasts, “10 co-curators offering 15 hours of performances and activities covering music, dance, literature, media art, parkour, workshops, talks and open-call programmes by over 400 local and overseas artists”.

All it takes to gain you access is online registration for tickets at:

Last year’s Freespace Fest was an absolute blast - with its MaD collaborative sessions, open-mic karaoke station, stalls on the grass where music lovers exchange CDs and local artists sell goods you won’t get anywhere else – and we’re certainly very much looking forward to this one!



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