By: Karen Cheung and Dikshya Karki

Univision is back! Our former intern/now critic Karen is still working on the series, now with our new intern Dikshya Karki. Both ladies are students at HKU and are checking out what shows are currently playing in Hong Kong that are best suited to the student mindset and wallet constraints.

Postcards From Hong Kong

From the standard “Symphony of Lights” skyscraper glory to the stark, dystopian neighbourhoods portrayed in Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong, pinning down representations of the city has always been challenging, given its highly multi-faceted nature. The hectic drive that runs through the veins of all who dwell here have endowed upon them a taste for things that are short, sweet, and simple, yet all-encompassing. Presented to you by the Black Sheep Family and co-sponsored by the University of Hong Kong Creative Writing MFA Programme, Postcards from Hong Kong: a 10 minute play festival endeavors to give you a crash course on Hong Kong and its different aspects, “from the silly to the profound, ...the abstract to the absurd”. Whether you’re an expat still struggling to come to terms with the city or a Hong Konger in a love-hate relationship with the place, the play certainly promises something for everyone. Postcards from Hong Kong will be playing at the Fringe on March 21st and 22nd; students get a discount!


African Tales by Shakespeare

The Merchant of Venice, Othello, and King Lear ultimately spells tragedy for their title characters, but what really went down in those fights? Challenging the convention of these Shakespeare stories known to all, Krzysztof Warlikowski explores these famous ‘outsiders’ condemned by the society. Warning: eat before the show – it’s 5 hours long. You’re also advised to stay away from this if you’re not a fan of any of the following: nudity, smoking scenes, violence, adult content & themes, disturbing imagery. Have fun! African Tales by Shakespeare is showing at HKAPA on March 22nd and 23rd; student tickets are half-price.



Annie, the musical by Mike Nichols was first performed in 1977. It won the Tony Award for Best Musical and since then hundreds of productions around the world have attempted to create the same magic on stage. This March, the Creative Secondary School is bringing the production with an ensemble of 50 talented performers and a live orchestra. The musical relays the struggles of a young, brave orphan called Annie. She lives in an orphanage run by the cruel Miss Hannigan. But her life changes when she gets an opportunity to spend a week in the home of a rich millionaire, Oliver Warbucks. If you have an ear for music and enjoy singing and dancing, don’t miss the show. Tickets are only priced at 80-100 HKD and the show will run from March 11th to 15th at the Creative Secondary School Hall in 3 Pung Loi, Tseung Wan O. 



The talk of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain to China never seems to get old. 10 years after the handover, four expats figure out their lives through their struggles and decisions.  Are they expats or Hong Kongers? How do they deal with their colonial past and China’s presence in their adopted country? They are all ‘Filths’ - a term popular in the 1980s and 90s, used with sarcasm to address expats who had moved from London to Hong Kong, ‘Failed in London, Try Hong Kong’. Exploring the themes of family, loyalty and friendship the play addresses the changing politics of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Arts Festival is presenting it from March 14th to 19th at the Hong Kong City Hall. Don’t miss it, students get a special discount! 



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