What are the Hecklers?


Did you have a favorite moment of the Hong Kong art scene this past year? We know we did! HKELD is proud to announce that starting on July 1st our site will be working hard to celebrate the best and brightest of 2015-2016.


Over the past three years HKELD has been dedicated to promoting and supporting the art scene with the Hecklers. The Hecklers are an award ceremony to celebrate the local talent in Hong Kong's art scene. Unlike other ceremonies in town that vote on a panel based system, we allow our readers and the people of Hong Kong to vote on who they think is the best of the year. 


This year’s award ceremony will be bigger and better with some new fabulous award categories. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks and answering any questions you might have about the format or how voting works.


“It’s great that through HKELD this award ceremony can continue to recognize the contribution these artists make to Hong Kong’s cultural identity and sense of self,” adds HKELD director Tom Hope.


The Hecklers full nomination form will be announced next week with ceremony taking place in September at Orange Peel. If you are looking to support the event or volunteer, please contact us at editor@hkeld.com