What is the "Cluck Norris"?


HKELD was invited to Beef and Liberty's Cluck Norris event earlier this month. A summer celebration of fun, friends and music at their Wanchai location was light and fresh much like their fun selection of cocktails. They've recently paired with a local brewery, Moonzen, to make their own beer. Even though I'm not a beer drinker, my companion certainly had fun tasting the variety of locally made samples. (3 pints is a sample, right???)



Locally crafted beers are certainly an art form. It takes a lot of care and work to make the perfect one and match it with the right food. And this beer certainly had its work cut out by being paired with the Cluck Norris. The Cluck Norris is a specialty burger being served at the Star Street location through September 4th. 



Inspired by 90's hero Chuck Norris, its deep fried chicken skin was a way to my southern heart but, make no bones about it, this chicken burger is BIG, SPICY and HOT. It will kick you in the face, much like its moniker. Although it might have been a little too spicy for my taste, others with a stronger palate will find it delightful.

I found the Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet to be a winning dessert entry, especially when paired with a bourbon milkshake. But then again... Everything is better with bourbon in my opinion. For a fun night out without calorie counting, Beef and Liberty is the way to go.

Made with grilled antibiotic & hormone-free chicken thigh, crispy chicken skin, fresh pickled jalapeño, tomato and avocado served with butter lettuce and mayo in between two toasty buns, the Cluck Norris is available from 14th of July to September 4th at Beef and Liberty's Wanchai, Stanley & PMQ Pop-Up outlets. For more information, click here.