What's Your Method?


We recently added the 2000th event to our What's On calendar. There are so many exciting events happening soon in Hong Kong. We've been loading events every day since adding art and music to it. 


How are we as an audience ever going to pick what to see? How do you pick?


  • Price?
  • Company?
  • Reputation of performers or script?
  • Do you know somebody in the show?
  • Reviews?
  • Preview press?
  • Convenience of location?

We asked this question in a survey a few months ago, and got some mixed answers. The most common answer seemed to be price. So, here's the big question, readers...


How much is too much for a ticket price? I know we're all on budgets. We have to draw a line somewhere, so leave a comment below about your breaking point on ticket prices for shows. 


With arts coverage in Hong Kong ever waining and local papers choosing to remove their listing sections, it's important that we keep our calendar up to date. Are we missing your show? Contact us to get it listed!



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