Who's Your Favorite?


Tragic heroes have a long legacy in the theatre world. They go way back to the Ancient Greeks and are relevant today with our deep love of comic book culture. So, who's your favorite? If our favorite is not in the poll, make sure you tell us! We want to know... Explain your choices in the comment section below... We love a good debate!

Also, as a side discussion: do you consider Macbeth a tragic hero? Or is he just a murderous bastard that gets what's coming to him?




  • Haza
    17 February 2013

    Do think that Macbeth should be considered a hero. We go on the journey with him, and though we may not empathise, we are still able to better understand the circumstances because of his character.

    Heroes aren't much use if they just do incredible feats but we can't relate that much. Which is why many people prefer Hector over Achilles. Hector is far more human (rather than a Demi-god) and so we can relate.
  • Brad
    17 February 2013

    I don't consider Macbeth or Dexter from the tv show to be heroes. You can be a protagonist and not the hero of the story. I think Trigorin is my favourite hero.
  • Hannah
    17 February 2013

    Do you consider Michael Corleone from The Godfather a hero?
  • Meaghan
    17 February 2013

    Now we're into the whole hero vs. anti-hero thing... I personally don't think of Macbeth as a hero, since he murders pregnant women and children in the play. By the "greek epic" formula he should be a hero. He has hubris, is the protagonist and is influenced by outside sources but I think he's a villain and Macduff is the hero in the story.

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