Review- Jeeves and Wooster: Perfect Nonsense- Lunchbox Productions


By Nicole Garbellini



Get ready for a production so hilarious that by the end of it, your tummy will be aching from laughter! Following a sell-out year on London’s West End and a season in Mumbai, Jeeves and Wooster- Perfect Nonsense opened last night at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, where it will be staged for 14 shows only. No-one should miss this exhilarating comedy.


The two characters have been a favourite of P.G. Wodehouse's literary canon since they were first created by him in the early 20th Century, and the farcical tone of the novels has always been ripe for stage adaptation.


The show, of course, features the characters of Bertie Wooster (Matthew Carter), an affable upper-class twit prone to trouble, and his faithful yet cunning and witty servant Jeeves (Joseph Chance). It opens with Bertie narrating his latest misfortune/adventure: spending a weekend in the countryside, Wooster finds himself unintentionally playing matchmaker and stealing a silver cow-shaped cream jug from Totleigh Towers. Jeeves, as ever, is there to save his master's neck and ensure the upper-class characters of Totleigh Towers won't judge him for the fool he is. 


The whole show features a series of special effects that left the audience both entertained and surprised. A set piece imitating a 1920s movie was one of my favourite moments, whose complicated choreography involves the gradual evolution of the set itself. It starts off in a pretty basic manner (an armchair and a lamp), with piece after piece added by the actors who then immediately react to it, contributing to the impeccable flow of the production (I still wonder how Jeeves made the bathtub disappear.......). Simply mind-blowing. 


The whole weekend of mischief is wittily narrated by three talented actors (last but not least Robert Goodale, who played Seppings and other various roles), whose flawless performances were fast-paced and highly energetic. Their comedic timing was impeccable, the physicality of their characters supreme. Chance and Goodale had challenging roles as they had to portray a variety of different characters - every single representation (from the annoying old aunt to whimsical ladies and bossy relatives) was stellar. Even the stuffed dog was handled so well that for a moment I forgot it wasn't real. 


Jeeves and Wooster present a sparkling and fun evening, offering the perfect way to unwind after a long day.  Not only is it highly enjoyable, but it is also accessible to everyone (children were heard screaming with laughter all the way through the show). The only issue that might put people off, however, is the ticketing price, which ranges from HKD 450 to HKD 650. Nevertheless, if you can afford it, this production will no doubt find you entertained from beginning to end.  


Jeeves and Wooster is running through September 25th at the HKAPA. For more information, click here. 


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