Tom Hope

1. Name:
Tom Hope

2. Town of Origin:
Born in London.

3. Has Lived in Hong Kong for:
10 years (88-98), and since 2009.

4. Studied at:
Jesus College, Cambridge University (English Literature/Law) where I reviewed for and edited the arts pages of student newspaper ‘Stop Press’.

5. Medium:
Co-founder of Not So Loud theatre company and, since 1991, involved (as writer/director/producer/actor) in over 20 NSL productions ( for details).

6. Previous work I have seen (and especially enjoyed) apart from my own:
Outside Hong Kong: Equus, War-horse and anything else with puppet horses - Lepage’s The Anderson Project - Fay Weldon’s adaptation of Madame Bovary – anything starring Mark Rylance – anything by the Maly Theatre in St Petersburg – Kathryn Hunter’s Pericles at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. *** Within Hong Kong in last year: Aurelien  Bory’s Sans Object (HK Arts Festival); Address Unknown (Paley/Microfest); Spring Awakening (HKYAF).

7. Favorite Theatre Artist:
Robert LePage.

8. Favorite Style of Theatre:
Drama (any kind) and new writing.

9. Pet Peeve in Theatrical Performances:
Over-reliance on rapid fire delivery.

10. Quote of Choice:
"I prize the poetic above all else in the theatre and, because I do, insist that the poem truly be there."- Arthur Miller