Neil MacDonald- Guest Critic

1. Name, Rank and Serial #
Mr Neil MacDonald, Plebeian, 11.

2.  Town of Origin (in Canada)
Kindersley, where all kinders are slain.

3. Has lived in Hong Kong:
18 years, of which only 15 really count.

4. Favorite Style of Theatre: 
Something Wylde, or Absurd.

5. Studied At:
Haerdt Knox

6. Medium
No, but somewhat clairvoyant, nonetheless.

7.  Previous work you may have seen:
I have a special affection for all the Brave Heart Theatre shows to date (and yes, I was only appearing in one of them).

8.  Favorite Theatre:
The Arden, then the Globe.

9.  Pet Peeve in Theatre:
Peeves should be free from theatre, demand Peeve Emancipation Now!
Well, that, and audience participation in the form of modern technology intrusions. There's always one @#$%^&* who shares what they think is a great ringtone.

10. Quote of Choice:

 "Pessimist: one who, when he has the choice of two evils, chooses both."