Sophia Zhang

1. Name: 

Sophia Zhang

2.  Town of Origin: 

Hard to pin point a town so let’s just go with a country, the UK.

3. Has lived in Hong Kong: 

9 months

4. Favorite Style of Theatre/Dance:

Can I have more than one? 

Physical theatre, new writing and British theatre from the ” In-yer-face” era. 

5. Studied At: 

Royal Holloway, University of London

6. Medium:

Theatre and dance drama

8.  Favorite Theatre/Dance Artist:  

Mark Rylance, had the privilege of seeing him in the original Jez Butterworth production Jerusalem at the Royal Court Theatre, London. Simply unforgettable.  

Dance: DV8, Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham (the usual suspects)

8.  Pet Peeve in Theatre: 

Manspreading: I have to politely sit next to you for 2hours so please respect my personal space.

Audiences clapping at inappropriate times: between EVERY scene and if at a concert, in between movements.

9. Quote of Choice:

"Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist wrapped in blood." Patrick Marber, Closer