Nuria Palau

1. Name

Nuria Palau


2.  Town of Origin

Mexico City


3. Has lived in Hong Kong:

One year and counting.


4. Favorite Style of Theatre/Dance:

Anything honest. I always enjoy a story told by people who are passionate about it.


5. Studied At:

Universidad Iberoamericana (BA in Communications)


6. Medium

Theatre, film, and TV.


7.  Previous work you may have seen:

The Vagina Monologues, unless you like to visit plays in Hong Kong schools or visited Mexico not so recently.


8.  Favorite Theatre/Dance Artist:

Brilliant Mexicans such as Hugo Arrevillega, Alejandro Ricaño, and Martín Acosta.


9.  Pet Peeve in Theatre:

Phony, unnatural, fake performances.


10. Quote of Choice:

Life is immense.

Alessandro Baricco, Novecento