Elizabeth Micci

1. Name:

Elizabeth Micci


2. Town of Origin: 

Boston, Massachusetts. 


3. Has Lived in Hong Kong for:

A few months only!


4. Studied at:

Elizabeth studied at Washington and Lee University first, then earned her MA at Middlebury College and she is now finishing her doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She's a big believer in arts-integrated education.


5. Medium:



6. Favorite Style of Theatre:

The work she enjoys the most is Shakespeare of any shape, size, or colour. 


7. Pet Peeve in Theatrical Performances:

When people have conversations in the audience mid-show that they think they are at a whisper but they definitely aren't. 


8. Quote of Choice:

She finds it pretty impossible to limit herself to one favourite quote (being an English teacher and all that), but in keeping with the Shakespeare theme, she'll go with one from All's Well That Ends Well: "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."