Fragile Beauty

Category: Theatre/Dance

Genre: Dance


Kwai Tsing Theatre

Date and Time:
June 3-4, 8pm

Ticket Price:

HK Island

Nearest MTR Station:
Kwai Fong

Ticketing By: HK Ticketing

Age Limitation: ---

Were there cities, glorious as fireworks in the sky, vanished at the height of their magnificence. The loving dwellers within were scattered to the four winds.


No, this is not our story. We have walls built with sturdy concrete and the endless bustle of city life. We have ambitions burning in heart, a cold shoulder to every stranger we pass.


It is our story, perhaps. Look up and we see fireworks burn. Look down and we find ourselves standing in desolation.


Don’t tell them: this is not the same city.


After As If To Nothing, CCDC Resident Choreographer Sang Jijia reunites with experimental musician Dickson Dee to create Fragile Beauty – a story of cities told through the powerful and exquisite language of movement.