All In The Timing

By David Ives

Category: Theatre/Dance

Genre: Theater

CSR Theatre Company

Fringe Club

Date and Time:
17-20 May at 8pm

Ticket Price:
200-160 HKD

HK Island

Nearest MTR Station:

Ticketing By: Ticketflap

Age Limitation: 13

Timing... IS everything, especially if you happen to be three chimps locked in a room for infinity with nothing but bananas, cigarettes and typewriters and were expected to churn out “Hamlet”, or if you’re a guy trying to pick up a pretty girl reading alone at a cafe and with every wrong thing you say a bell rings and destiny makes you start over.  It’s ALL in the timing.  CSR Theatre Company presents David Ives’s “All in the Timing” and Paul Johnson’s “A Minor Case of Murder”, two comedic pieces that explore timing, love, existentialism and wordplay.

David Ives first presented the original “All in the Timing” Off-Broadway in 1994, in a show that included six very different comedy shorts.  In a 2013 revival, he added eight extra scenes.  CSR will present the original six, which are all unique but share the underlying theme of timing and love.  
Making its Hong Kong debut in this double bill with “All in the Timing” is Paul Johnson’s “A Minor Case of Murder”, an original and hysterical piece that asks the question, “Does my story fit the evidence presented here?”

The show also features original music from Mary Jane Alejo, Graeme Morris and Roald Blijleven.

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