The Frog Prince- A Ballet Chinois

By Yuri Ng

Category: Theatre/Dance

Genre: Ballet

Hong Kong Ballet


Date and Time:
April 19-21, 3pm and 8pm

Ticket Price:


Nearest MTR Station:
Tsim Sha Tsui

Ticketing By: HK Ticketing

Age Limitation: ---

A little green frog looks on as the besotted Emperor gives his favourite consort, Princess Moon, a golden ball to symbolise their true love. As the Qing Dynasty begins to crumble, the Court takes flight; in the chaos of escape Princess Moon, accompanied by the frog, finds herself falling into the dark depths of a well in pursuit of the golden ball. Fantasy and reality blur together until finally she reaches out to grab the golden ball… but the world comes tumbling down and only a kiss can save her.

Link to our playpacket for The Frog Prince can be found here.