Warning: Flashing Lights

Category: Theatre/Dance

Genre: Great for Kids

Arcosm Company


Date and Time:
January 10-12, 8pm and 3pm

Ticket Price:


Nearest MTR Station:
Tsim Sha Tsui

Ticketing By: Urbtix

Age Limitation: ---

ECHOA aims at sharpening the musicality of dancing as well as underlining music’s choreography. A show composed of percussion and dance and it will be a journey to 'see' music with brand new eyes and to 'listen' to dance with brand new ears.  Four artists on stage, not in their usual way to express themselves, but with the will to share as far as they can their common points and explore their own outbounds. In this quest for their own appropriation, music and dancing evolve altogether, each of them having the will to get challenged and finding their own poetic transposition.

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