Jason and the Argonauts

Category: Theatre/Dance

Genre: Great for Kids


Sai Wan Ho Civic Center

Date and Time:
December 5-7, 8pm, 3:30pm matinee on Saturday and Sunday

Ticket Price:

HK Island

Nearest MTR Station:
Sai Wan Ho

Ticketing By: Urbtix

Age Limitation: ---

Dr Vicki Ooi's youth theater AFTEC has teamed up with Michael Brown, the movement artist behind the West End production of "War Horse" and last year's Oscar-winning space epic "Gravity," to bring an all-new physical theater retelling the Greek myth "Jason and the Argonauts." The young hero Jason was stripped of his claim to the throne by the usurper King Pelias. 20 years later, upon returning to take back what is his, Pelias makes a deal with Jason, to hand over the kingdom only if Jason can bring him the "Golden Fleece." And so Jason and his band of heroes set off... on a journey to find the most well-stocked Uniqlo in the land.

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