Beyond Good Music at the Fringe: Behind the Bricks

March 21 & 22, 7pm
By Charles Kwong

Inspired by the unique setting and atmosphere of the Fringe Dairy, local emerging creative minds – composers Charles Kwong, Daniel Lo Ting-cheung and Mike Yip Chi-chung will bring forth some unusual musical works that incorporate elements such as improvisations, electronics, poetry and theatre...

Ticket price includes one drink.


I Hate Hamlet

March 1-4, 7.30pm
By Paul Rudnick

Andrew Rally seems to have it all: instant celebrity from his starring role in a hit TV series; a beautiful girlfriend; a devoted agent; the perfect New York apartment; and the chance to play Hamlet in Central Park. However, all is not well in paradise. Andrew has a feeling his fame owes more to luck than to talent plus his series has been canceled; his girlfriend is clinging to her virginity with unyielding conviction; and he has no desire to play Hamlet. 

Enter the ghost of classic actor John Barrymore, dressed in high Shakespearean garb and determined to help Andrew fulfill his actor's destiny and play the role every actor wants to play. Barrymore proves to be very convincing (challenging Andrew to a sword fight in the middle of the New York loft), and Andrew decides to play Hamlet. But when his Hollywood producer friend Gary shows up offering Andrew a new role in a television pilot, with a potentially large salary and fame, Andrew is forced to choose between Shakespeare and television.

Playwright Paul Rudnick had the idea for this award-winning comedy when he lived in John Barrymore’s apartment in New York in the late 1980s.



Songs & Sketches: James Cuddeford with William Lane

January 17, 7pm

In the words of the Sinfonietta's first violin James Cuddeford: “Included in this programme are works by three composers I have worked closely with over the years. Singing is incorporated into instrumental performance here in new ways, whether literally humming and vocalising whilst playing in the virtuosic Holliger, or dissolving away into silence in Dean’s final ‘Sketch’, which is entitled ‘Song’.”

Programme includes Hindson (Song of Life for Solo Violin), Holliger (Three Sketches for Violin & Viola), Dean (Sketches for Siegbert for Solo Viola) and more...

Ticekt price includes one free drink


Happy Go Lives 2016

December 3, 10pm

The Happy Go Lucky Big Band, founded in 2010, performs big band jazz classics.

Ticket price includes one drink.


Brits in Pieces

December 2, 7:45pm

Two of Japan's top comedians, performing in English, hosted by HK's own Nick Milnes


The Elephant Song

November 30 to December 3, 7:30pm and 2:30pm matinee on Saturday
By Nicolas Billon

Psychiatrist Dr Lawrence is missing. Michael, a disturbed patient infatuated with elephants, knows where he is. Dr Greenberg, the hospital director, questions Michael but his ego and the fact he does not read Michael’s file beforehand leaves him at a disadvantage. Fraught with mind games and verbal tugs-of-war, the questioning turns into a cat-and-mouse game until the haunting conclusion. Can Michael’s web of riddles be untangled to reach the dark truth? 


Landscape is Loud

November 28, 7:30pm

Inspired by the unique setting and atmosphere of the Fringe Dairy, local emerging creative minds – piano trio CMFL and award winning photographer-architect Tugo Cheng will explore as yet unseen landscapes in China and as yet unheard Spanish piano trios.

Ticket price includes one drink.


Philosophy of Happiness

November 25 & 26, 8pm, plus Sat matinee on Nov 26 at 2:30pm

Dance theatre integrating different elements of the arts, leading the audience to reflect on what happiness really means...


All That Swing

November 26, 9:30pm

Saturday Night Jazz Orcherstra, founded in 1990, comprises 20 musicians from almost as many nationalities - for whom it's 'all about swing'.

Ticket price includes one drink.


La Petite Jazzy Jam

November 25, 10pm

Mini big band plays swing, jazz funk, pop and jazzified Cantopop...

Ticket price includes one drink.


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